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Back LIFE TECMINE participates in the visit to LIFE RIBERMINE project

LIFE TECMINE participates in the visit to LIFE RIBERMINE project

The LIFE TECMINE project, coordinated and led by the Forest Management Service of the Directorate General for the Natural and Animal Environment and financed by the European Union, is in its AFTER LIFE period, which runs from 2022 to May 2025.

The visit on May 24 is part of the AFTER LIFE PLAN. During this period, a series of informative and training actions aimed at professionals from companies and administrations are carried out with the objective of transferring knowledge in the field of mine restoration.

The technical visit to the “Santa Engracia” mine in Peñalén, Guadalajara, was organized by the Mines and Quarries Restoration Network in collaboration with the LIFE RIBERMINE project.
During the visit, the state of the restoration was observed after the techniques and methodologies used. The restoration work carried out in the project followed three phases:

  • Topographic remodelling of the mine face (with the Royal slope method) and of outer spoil heaps (following the GeoFluvTM methodology, the same one used in the LIFE TECMINE project).
  • Creation of technosoils.
  • State-of-the-art revegetation methods.

Around 40 representatives of different public and private companies that are partners of the Mines and Quarries Restoration Network attended the conference. The Network arose as a result of the LIFE TECMINE project thanks to the partners and collaborators who participated in the project. It is the first network of its kind to originate in Spain and currently includes more than 140 members.


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