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TECMINE’s activities: Soon, a Time Lapse video of the restoration works

What is a Time Lapse?

Time-lapse is where a camera takes a sequence of images of a subject with an interval of time between each image. The interval can be anything from less than a second to a day or more. When images are played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster.


A Time Lapse video will be made of the restoration work at the Fortuna Mine in Ademuz.

The video will show the geomorphological construction of the slope area and tailings areas, and their progressive transformation during the two months of work execution.

What does this video contribute to the Life TECMINE project?

This video will help to have a wider reach in the dissemination of the project results, since, in a clear and intuitive way, we will know how the restoration of a quarry is carried out and we will compare the state of the land before, during and after the restoration.

This type of audiovisual material is novel in the execution of geomorphological restoration at European level.



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