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Back Dissemination campaign LIFE TECMINE: summer 2019

Dissemination campaign LIFE TECMINE: summer 2019

From July to October, the LIFE TECMINE project will be present in different municipalities of El Rincón de Ademuz (Valencia) and Teruel to present the project the local population, taking advantage of the greater visitor flow to the area during the summer period.

We will be present during the cultural week offered by different town councils during the summer. You can visit our information stand, where we will tell you about the project and you will find different informative material to get to know The new landscape of the Fortuna mine after the restoration carried out by the LIFE TECMINE project.

In addition, we have prepared a cycle of 4 days addressed to all types of public to learn a little better different aspects related to the restoration of the Fortuna mine such as ornithology, botany, wetlands and mining. The days include a visit to the mine and different outdoor activities and will be in September and October in Riodeva.

This project, in addition to recovering the area from a landscape and environmental point of view, adds value to this new space for social and recreational uses. We have created a didactic itinerary with informative panels that explain the actions of the project.  A walk throw the route is include during the planned days.

Where can you find us?


Municipality Event Date Timetable Location
Casas Bajas Craft market 27/07/2019 11 a 20h Área recreativa Molino de Casas Bajas (El Rincón de Ademuz - Valencia)
Torrebaja Culture Week 06/08/2019 18 a 20h

Recinto ferial de Torrebaja

Libros Culture Week 12/08/2019 18 a 21h

Ayuntamiento de Libros

Los Santos Culture Week 13/08/2019 18 a 21h Ayuntamiento de Libros
Riodeva Titánica Riodeva MTB 25/08/2019 A partir de las 9h Puerta principal Titania Dinópolis - Riodeva (Teruel)
Castielfabib Culture Week 30/08/2019 A partir de las 11h Plaza de la Villa (Castielfabib)
Vallanca XLIII Septenario de la Virgen de Santerón 21/09/2019  

Plaza o Nave de Vallanca


Note: we are waiting to confirm our presence in Ademuz. More information coming soon.

Mining and environment conferences

Cartel jornadas minería y medio ambiente LIFE TECMINE


A partir de las 11h




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