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Geoloday celebration with LIFETECMINE

Celebration of the Geolodía in the Devesa del Saler (Valencia)

Geolodía took place in La Devesa del Saler (Valencia) on May 9th. Coordinated by the Geological Society of Spain and organized by TECMINE among other institutions the event was suitable for all audiences.

The aim of this day is to make known the geological resources available and to raise awareness of the importance of the geological heritage within the population with more or less knowledge of the matter. .

It is an experience in which expert geologists explain the geological history of different areas of the Valencian Community, and this year it has been held in the Devesa del Saler and the Albufera of Valencia.

The LIFETECMINE team prepared a stand with the informative material (roll-up, brochures, notebooks and backpacks, etc.) and made a presentation to the participants, who exceeded 100 attendees. We explained the main characteristics of the restoration of the Fortuna mine and the geological and touristic values of the Rincón de Ademuz.

The day highlighted by the curiosity aroused by mining operations and the audience, of all ages, asked several questions about the minerals extracted, the mining systems and the ways of restoration.

The great interest aroused in the attendees, both for the Rincón de Ademuz area and the restored mining operation, motivates us to carry out more informative actions both in the mine and in towns like Valencia, since the influx of people from the big cities is significantly greater than that which can be reached in local events in the Rincón. 

During the presentation it was informed that next year, the celebration of this day may take place at the Fortuna Mine within the framework of the after-life plan of the TECMINE project.



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