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Back The TECMINE project's Technical Guides on mine restoration are now available

The TECMINE project's Technical Guides on mine restoration are now available

Two publications of the Generalitat Valenciana that will help the mining sector and administrations to select the best restoration techniques and to evaluate their suitability. In addition, these documents have had the collaboration of numerous companies, public administrations and research centres from all over Spain.

Methodological guide for establishing Plans and Projects for the Restoration of Forest areas affected by Mining Activities


Based on the conclusions reached during the development of the LIFE TECMINE project, together with the compilation and detailed study of the existing bibliography on mine restoration, the VAERSA-GVA team has drawn up a new guide that aims to accompany public and private sector professionals in the process of planning, decision-making and drafting of the restoration plan.

This guide includes both conventional and state-of-the-art techniques, providing information on the advantages and disadvantages of their application, as well as practical recommendations. In addition, numerous examples of good practice and an extensive bibliography are included.

Download the document in different languages and versions.


Guide for the Control and Monitoring of Mine Restoration Projects on Forest Land

As a result of the LIFE TECMINE project and with the aim of facilitating the control and monitoring of mine and quarry restoration projects for Public Administrations and mining companies, this new guide includes a series of indicators and measurement methods, which will allow the identification of both the compliance of the approved project and the suitability of the selected techniques.

This publication has been prepared by technicians from the Generalitat Valenciana and VAERSA, who have more than 15 years of experience in the restoration of forest areas affected by mining operations.

Download the document in different languages and versions.



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