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Mine restoration experts participate in the LIFE TECMINE

On 21 and 22 March, Valencia hosted experts in different fields of mine restoration, internationally renowned, within the framework of the LIFE TECMINE project.

This project, funded by the European Commission, aims to demonstrate the technical, economic, environmental and social viability of innovative mining restoration techniques, carrying out the environmental restoration of the Fortuna mine located in the municipality of Ademuz.

The Expert Panel held last month is one of the first actions of the project. The objective of this action is to generate a discussion from a multidisciplinary perspective regarding the appropriate implementation of the techniques that are projected for the Fortuna mine restoration.

The invited experts were:

  • Guillermo Tardío Cerrillo (Forests Polytechnic University of Madrid), a specialist in stabilization and restoration projects of slopes and banks.
  • Mariano Moreno de las Heras (CSIC), a specialist in geomorphological, hydrological and ecological land degradation and landscape rehabilitation.
  • Ramón Vallejo Calzada (University of Barcelona and Assistant Director of the CEAM Foundation), a specialist in soil-plant relations within the framework of the disturbances characteristic of the Mediterranean and its relations with climate change.
  • Klara Rehounkova (the University of České Budějovice in the Czech Republic), a specialist in quarries restoration projects.
  • Dan Ryan (educator and independent consultant), a specialist in the integration of social aspects in areas with mining activity.

The first day of work consisted in the visit to the mine that is going to be restored, in order to explain to the specialists the different works and techniques proposed in the project. The second day, conferences given by the experts led to an interesting and intense discussion between partners and specialists on possible limitations of the proposed techniques and possible alternative solutions.

Not only the techniques were addressed, but also the social aspect was discussed since the success of the project lies both in the correct restoration of the land and in the acceptance of the project by the local population where the mine is located.

The contributions of the experts and the conclusions obtained will be useful to review and improve the design of the geomorphological restoration project and vegetation restoration project, in which the project partners are working on. In addition, the relationship between the local population and the project can be improved, with new initiatives of communication and social participation.

Next summer, the earthmoving work begins and the restoration is expected to be completed in February 2019. However, the project will continue until November 2021, with monitoring work, publication of documents and dissemination activities and citizen participation.

Visita de campo a la mina objeto de restauración en el proyecto LIFE TECMINE

Field visit to the mine under restoration in the LIFE TECMINE project. Explanations of the geomorphological restoration technique that will be implemented.

Socios del proyecto y especialistas durante la visita de campo del Panel de Expertos del LIFE TECMINE.

Project partners and specialists during the field visit of the LIFE TECMINE Expert Panel.

Presentación de la jornada de conferencias por el Director General de Medio Natural y Evaluación Ambiental

Presentation of the conference day by the head of Directorate-General for Environmental Management

Debate final entre el equipo técnico del proyecto y especialistas invitados sobre las técnicas y el aspecto social del proyecto.

Final discussion between the technical team of the project and invited specialists about the techniques and the social aspect of the project.



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