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Back LIFE TECMINE will include Spain's most successful restorations

LIFE TECMINE will include Spain's most successful restorations

The LIFE TECMINE project plans to publish the guide for the elaboration of mine restoration projects and plans in forest land, which aims to guide professionals in the selection of the best techniques and planning of mine restoration projects.

One of the aspects most in demand by professionals who have participated in TECMINE training courses is the availability of information and the transfer of knowledge in the professional sector regarding restoration techniques that are being implemented in other regions of Spain.

In order to meet this demand, the Technical-Scientific Working Group on Mine Restoration, led and coordinated by Vaersa, has promoted the creation of a database of the best references in mine restoration, which will form part of the LIFE TECMINE technical guide.

For the development of this database, the technical team of VAERSA, project partner, is identifing and visiting examples of restoration of opencast quarries in Mediterranean climate where restoration techniques have been implemented with good results.

Some of the restorations visited both in the Valencia Region and in Almeria, Murcia, Malaga, Barcelona, Girona and Toledo, among others, have been restored for more than 15 years and the results are astonishing, it is not easy to distinguish the dump from the natural mountain that surrounds it.

Very diverse examples of mine restoration are being identified, which help us to understand that not olny there is no single solution, but also that each case is a new challenge and allows new opportunities for the companies that have to carry out the restoration of the area after its exploitation.

This database will be the first of its kind created in Spain and will serve both professionals in the mining sector and the public administrations in charge of ensuring that mine restoration is carried out correctly. It is also foreseen that this database will be constantly updated beyond the end of the LIFE TECMINE project.

Cantera de arena y caolín tras remodelado (Guadalajara)

Sand and kaolin quarry after geomorphic restoration (Guadalajara)

Escombrera restaurada con lodos de depuradora (Tarragona)

Restored waste dump with sewage sludge (Tarragona)

Frente de cantera de mármol tras acciones de integración (Murcia)

Marble quarry face after integration actions (Murcia)

Ladera restaurada en una cantera de dolomía (Málaga)

Restored slope in a dolomite quarry (Málaga)Talud restaurado con malla orgánica en una cantera de caliza (Alicante)

Restored slope with organic mesh in a limestone quarry (Alicante, Spain)



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