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LIFE TECMINE in the third edition of UVRA

The third edition of the Rincón de Ademuz Summer University (UVRA) organised by the Chair of Citizen Participation and Valencian Landscapes of the University of Valencia together with the Vice-Rectorate of Territorial Projection and Society, the Department of Housing, Public Works and Territory Vertebration and the Provincial Council of Valencia took place on 25, 26 and 27 June.

This year, with the slogan "El Rincón encourage landscapes of opportunity", we have presented the project LIFE TECMINE, which restores the Fortuna mine (Ademuz) with new methods that integrate the restored area into the landscape, prevent erosive processes and allow the colonization of fauna and flora.

In addition to generating a new ecosystem, this new landscape becomes a space for the inhabitants of El Rincón and visitors, where they can practice hiking, wildlife observation and other educational activities such as walking the interpretative route of the Fortuna mine and learn the techniques used in the project through the panels you will find there.

The new landscape of the Fortuna mine aims to boost the economic activity of El Rincón, as it becomes a new natural resource with high added value, both from the point of view of the environment and for the technical and scientific interest of the TECMINE project.

In this sense, the LIFE TECMINE project is a benchmark for ecological restoration at both national and European level. Scientists, professionals and companies visit El Rincón to learn about the project and, consequently, the environment and the area. This contributes to place El Rincón de Ademuz on the map, both inside and outside of Spain, giving it a distinction in natural resources, landscape, tourism, leisure and gastronomy, and now also of scientific interest.

Most of the UVRA attendees and inhabitants of Ademuz and surroundings, participated on June 28 to the open day of the Fortuna mine, during which there was a guided tour of the interpretative route that runs through the mine.

The participants, of different ages, showed great interest in the project and satisfaction with the new landscape of the area.

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Open day at Fortuna mine




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