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Back LIFE TECMINE participates in Quarries Alive Congress in Portugal on quarry restoration

LIFE TECMINE participates in Quarries Alive Congress in Portugal on quarry restoration

Quarries Alive 2018, organised by the University of Évora (Portugal), and focused on Enhancing Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Quarries, was held on 2 May. The exchange of experiences from scientific research projects, technical engineering approaches, innovative companies and pilot studies focusing on improving biodiversity in quarries provided the framework for a productive congress.

During the conference, the LIFE TECMINE project was presented, which proposes the restoration of a quarry testing new techniques such as the restoration of geomorphology using the GEOFLUV method or the creation of microcatchments to improve plant survival after reforestation. Once the technical restoration projects have been completed, earthworks and soil and slope stabilisation will begin. After revegetation, the new habitats created and the recolonization of fauna will be monitored to evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques used and the sustainability of the restoration work.

The TECMINE demonstration project aroused great interest among the attendees, as the results obtained can be replicated in other quarries with similar characteristics.

In addition, during the meetings, possible collaborations between TECMINE and other projects such as LIFE TheGreenLink emerged, with the aim of learning about another soil preparation technique called Cocoon technique, which can improve plant survival.

During the field day, attendees visited the SECIL-Outao quarry in operation in the high ecological value natural park of Árrabida, which has been in operation for more than 35 years. The mine has its own cement plant and nursery where native species are grown and used in the restoration of its quarry. The attendees were able to see that some areas already restored have a high degree of naturalization, as well as the compatibility of the mining activity with the preservation of the natural values of the park.

Quarries alive 2018

Quarries alive 2018

Quarries alive 2018



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