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The LIFE RIBERMINE project is carrying out the restoration of an abandoned open-pit kaolin mine (Santa Engracia) in the municipality of Peñalén (Guadalajara), which is located within the Río Tajo Natural Park. One of the main current problems is the high rate of erosion of the slopes of the Río Tajo, so this project aims to improve water quality and river ecosystems in the area with the implementation of different restoration techniques.

As we have already mentioned in the TECMINE project, one of the most important techniques is geomorphological restoration, using the GeoFluv method, which we have implemented in the Fortuna mine in Ademuz during 2018-2019. The RIBERMINE project is using the same technique, which is why this meeting between projects has been especially interesting and enriching for both.

Last Friday, September 11, part of the TECMINE and RIBERMINE team visited the Santa Engracia mine in Peñalén, coinciding with the execution of the land remodeling, where we learned about other scenarios and solutions based on the GeoFluv method, as well as some adaptations inspired by the application of this technique, which has previously been carried out in the TECMINE project.

On the other hand, the multinational company SIBELCO, which is a partner in the TECMINE project and which also participated in the visit, is studying the possibility of replicating and restoring other areas with this technique, which has proven to have greater benefits than the traditional restoration model, known as berm-slope.

After the meeting and the exchange of knowledge and information, we can highlight two major advantages of geomorphological restoration of mining areas based on the GeoFluv method: (1) landscape integration and (2) erosion control.

However, we can also confirm some limitations of the method that we should consider in future applications: (1) the slope and (2) the need for a good colluvion-type substrate.

Information exchange between LIFE projects and networking are fundamental tools that allow us to improve as professionals and achieve better results in the projects we develop now and in the future.

High slopes and signs of erosion

Part of the geomorphological remodeling with the GeoFluv method

Remodeling works




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