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Back Replication of the TECMINE geomorphologic model in Arguisuelas (Cuenca)

Replication of the TECMINE geomorphologic model in Arguisuelas (Cuenca)

Replication of the GeoFluv geomorphological model applied in the Fortuna mine of the LIFE TECMINE project in the "San Luis" mining operation of the SAMCA company in Arguisuelas (Cuenca).

In July 2019, technical staff of SAMCA group attended the course "NEW TECHNOLOGIES APPLIED TO THE RESTORATION OF MINING EXPLOTATIONS" ( ) organized by the LIFE TECMINE project team in Madrid and visited the restoration of the Fortuna mine in Ademuz (Valencia).

The SAMCA group, based in Zaragoza, has been present in the mining sector since the 1960s, among others, and is currently one of the most important producers of leonardite and clay at the national market.

After learning about the geomorphological restoration model applied in TECMINE (GeoFluv method) and its recent results, SAMCA's technical team showed interest in replicating the model in one of their concessions, named San Luis in Arguisuelas (Cuenca) whose materials are similar to those we have in Fortuna (Utrillas Facies).

Estado inicial, con grandes cárcavas y erosión

Initial state, with large gullies and erosion

As part of the replicability action committed in the LIFE TECMINE project, we advised and supported the company in the design and implementation of the model. Thus, after contacting the expert partner in geomorphological restoration, the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the designs were made in 2020.  Currently the earthmoving and remodeling of about 9 ha is being executed  with the assistance of the UCM team.

 Ejecución de la restauración geomorfológica. 

Execution of geomorphological restoration.

The dissemination and training included in the LIFE TECMINE project is producing good results, reaching professionals in the sector who project and execute mine restorations.

The VAERSA team visited the restoration on June 10th, where we were able to see the progress of the works and see other techniques applied by the company in different restored areas.

The LIFETECMINE team congratulates the SAMCA group ( for their initiative and their interest in progressing towards more responsible and sustainable mining.

Foto del equipo durante la visita




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