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Survival and plant growth results in the LIFE TECMINE project

The restoration of the vegetation cover of the Fortuna mine has been carried out from the definition of Restoration Units characterized by differences in abiotic aspects such as slope, orientation or type of substrate.

Within each Unit, the most appropriate indicators have been monitored to evaluate the suitability of the techniques used and the ecological conditions of the restored ecosystem.

Indicators such as survival, growth and reproductive activity have been measured for more than two years with biannual campaigns that have allowed a sufficient series of data to draw relevant conclusions regarding the project, and very useful for the mine restoration sector.















- Survival results can be considered positive, with high survival rates (75% on average after 2.5 years), compared to results found in the literature and previous experiences of the CEAM.

- The results related to the growth in height and basal diameter also show an adequate establishment and development of the introduced species. The results of slow-growing species that have responded very positively to soil preparation techniques and soil improvers such as organic amendments and micro-basins stand out.

- As for the reproductive activity, the early activation of this capacity with the appearance of flowers and fruits, and in some cases the development of new seedlings, in various species is highlighted, which indicates the correct establishment of plants and good ecological conditions in addition to promoting interactions with fauna.


You can consult the study and the recommendations of the CEAM team in the document 




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