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NETWORK: Knowledge exchange is key to LIFE projects

A meeting between LIFE projects took place on 8 April, dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and the consolidation of future collaborations between projects.

The meeting took place in the FORTUNA (Ademuz) mine facilities where 5 projects were presented, including the LIFE TECMINE project, all related to the restoration of the natural environment (restoration of mines, rivers and olive mill wastewaters ponds):


Technicians from public administrations, universities and companies, all of them related to the natural capital conservation participated in this meeting.

The day was positive and productive and there was a great exchange of ideas. Techniques and conclusions of the projects were exposed. After discussion, some conclusions were:

  • It is necessary to move on mining restoration
  • Public bodies have to lead or support the progress
  • Composted wastes from other activities could be used to improve soil properties
  • The SOIL is a key element in restoration
  • Exploitation and restoration are only ONE thing
  • Restoration techniques that assures the harmonization between mining and environment are available in mining restoration sector.

After presentations and discussion, a field visit took place to see in situ the theoretical considerations.

From the TECMINE team, organizer of the day, we have obtained some conclusions to improve the productivity and results of these meetings:

  • Limit the number of participating projects to a maximum of 6.
  • Include time for dialogue and discussion.
  • Include a field visit where you can see the theory put into practice.

"We hope that this collaboration will allow us to continue learning and find new opportunities to advance together on these issues".



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