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Back The LIFE TECMINE photographic exhibition continues its tour of the Natural Parks of the Comunitat Valenciana

The LIFE TECMINE photographic exhibition continues its tour of the Natural Parks of the Comunitat Valenciana

The LIFE TECMINE project is touring the Natural Parks of the Comunitat Valenciana through the travelling Photographic Exhibition "New Landscape of the Fortuna Mine". During the AFTER LIFE period, which lasts until mid-2025, the photographic exhibition will be on display in different Natural Parks.

In September 2023, the tour was inaugurated in the “Font Roja” Natural Park in Alcoi. Until January 2024, it was on display in one of the rooms of the Visitor Centre and then continued its tour in the “Serra de Mariola” Natural Park, where it remained until the end of February 2024.

From the 29th of February until the 8th of April, it can be visited in the Technical and Information Office of the Protected Landscape of the “Serra del Maigmó and Serra del Sit”. It will continue its journey in the “El Hondo” Natural Park, where it will remain until the first days of June.



Images of the itinerant LIFE TECMINE Photographic Exhibition at the Technical Office of the “Serra del Maigmó and Serra del Sit” Protected Landscape

The LIFE TECMINE project, whose objective has been to transform former mining areas located in Mediterranean forest zones using innovative and highly transferable restoration techniques, has succeeded in restoring a 13-hectare area of the Fortuna mine (Ademuz) with innovative geomorphological restoration techniques.

The photo exhibition shows the positive impact that the LIFE TECMINE project has had on the restoration area of the Fortuna mine. The images show the evolution of the restoration work, the resilience of nature and how, by using innovative techniques that reduce the risk of erosion and introducing native vegetation, the recovery of the ecosystem and the restoration of the natural space can be achieved.

The project was a finalist in the European Union's LIFE 2023 Awards in the Environment category and won the LIFE 2023 Citizen Award.

It is coordinated and led by the Forest Development and Management Service of the General Directorate for the Natural and Animal Environment. The LIFE TECMINE team is made up of: the Centre for Environmental Studies of the Mediterranean Foundation (CEAM), the Faculty of Geological Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the companies SIBELCO MINERALES CERÁMICOS S.A. and Valenciana de Estrategias y Recursos para la Sostenibilidad Ambiental (VAERSA S.A.).

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