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4th Coordination Meeting of TECMINE partners

The 4th coordination meeting of LIFE TECMINE project took place on 30 May to discuss and evaluate the state of the actions. The meeting took place in the facilities of the Administrative City 9 d'Octubre in Valencia.

Progress of actions:

  • The mine restoration work has been completed.
  • The stabilisation of the final extraction face will be carried out after the summer.
  • Restoration monitoring is ongoing. Indicators will be measured over the next two years: (1) Topography and hydrology, (2) Ecosystem services and (3) Socio-economic impact.
  • Dissemination activities of the project to the different interest groups are being planned.

During the meeting, CEAM presented two new collaborators, who will work within the framework of the LIFE TECMINE project:

  • A graduate student in Environmental Management Engineering at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja in Ecuador. She is developing her master's degree in Management and Restoration of the Natural Environment, by the University of Alicante.
  • A graduate in agro-resources from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is collaborating within the framework of TECMINE to apply the RESTOCAT evaluation protocol proposed by Carabassa et al (2015).

4ª Reunión de coordinación del proyecto LIFE TECMINE

4ª Reunión de coordinación del proyecto LIFE TECMINE

4ª Reunión de coordinación del proyecto LIFE TECMINE



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