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The great protagonists of this Project (Chapter 2): the technical personnel

One of the actions of the LIFE TECMINE project is the training of the technical staff of the administration in the Geofluv technique, which has been implemented in the restoration of the Fortuna (Ademuz) mine.

The aim of this training is that technicians in charge of evaluating mine restoration projects know this technique and will be able to understand the feasibility of the technical project presented by the companies.

Technical staff from the administrations of the Valencia Region, Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia and Madrid have participated in this training, which has a theoretical part and a practical part with the software GeoFluv - Natural Regrade. The creator of the GeoFluv method, Nicholas Bugosh and the team from the Complutense University of Madrid (partner of LIFE TECMINE) have given and accredited this prestigious training.

In addition, SIBELCO personnel have also received this training, which will allow the replication of this method in other mining operations in Europe.

In the link below you have available the interview with Cristina Gil and Ibán Hurtado, who work for the Valencian regional administration and have participated in this training.



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